Sims Games Expansion Packs

Sims games are one of the most popular and successful computer games today. Here in this article we will discuss about Sims games expansion packs. In all, a total of seven expansion packs were produced for Sims games. Let’s know in details about these expansion packs.

Listed below are the expansion packs of Sims games:

Livin’ Large – This expansion pack is also called as ‘Livin’ It Up in Europe’ and is the first expansion pack produced for The Sims. It was released on august 31, 2000 in North America. This expansion pack comprises of new characters, career, items and features. Moreover, this is one of the kinds of Sims games online expansion packs in which various supernatural personalities and themes were added in piecemeal fashion via several expansion packs.

Party House – Party House is one of the other online Sims games expansion packs. This pack was released on April 2, 2001 and is the second expansion pack created for The Sims. These packs provide players to throw parties and also include new characters and "party" themed items, like "costume trunk". In simple words, this pack gives player the ability to throw parties can invite many friends, and also find romance. If a Sim really throw a nice party with the guests, then Drew Carey will appear as a guest and mingle with the guests at the party.

Hot Date – This is one of the other types of Sims games expansion packs. It was released on November 12, 2001 and is the third expansion pack for the Sims. This pack offers a new feature that has not been in the earlier versions. In this pack, Sims can go out and travel to a new place known as "Downtown". In fact they can go out with other Sim and have dinner as well as can dance with them. This pack also consists of several new furnishing objects, characters, clothing items, and new interactions.

Vacation – This Sims games expansion pack was released on March 28, 2002. It is the fourth expansion pack produced for The Sims where the Sims has the ability to on holiday in Ireland, UK, China and Scandinavia. This pack also provides a new neighborhood, known as Vacation Island, where Sims can take vacations with their family members or with other Sims. Vacation Island consists of environments including beach, forest, and snow-capped mountain. Sims has also given the ability to stay in the hotel or rent a tent for camping.

Unleashed – This is one of the Sims games expansion packs which was released on November 7, 2002. This pack provides the Sims to adopt pets for their families especially dogs and cats. This pack also introduces gardening which enables Sims to grow & raise plants that could be harvested or consumed.

Superstar – Superstar is also another kind of online Sims games expansion packs. It was released on May 13, 2003. This pack enables the Sims to become entertainment figures and represents many well known personalities.

Makin’ Magic – This is one of the other Sims games expansion packs which was released on October 29, 2003. It is the seventh and the last expansion pack produced for the Sims. This pack gives the Sims the ability to cast spells, create charms, make potions as well as purchase alchemical ingredients. It provides new neighborhood area and introduces baking as well as nectar-making.