Introduction To Sims Games

Sims games are life-simulation games which were developed by Maxis. In simple words, it is a simulation of day to day activities of one or more virtual person in a suburban household near SimCity. The games were released on February 4, 2000 and become one of the best selling computer games. Later on Sims 2 and Sims 3 have also been released. The following article reveals a brief introduction to Sims games. So, read on to know more about these life simulation games and how these games are being played.

As mentioned earlier, Sims games are life-simulation games, in this games, you are responsible for creating, controlling, and maintaining the life of a Sim, a computerized version of a person. The introduction to online Sims games reveals that the players in these games are encouraged to make choices and fully engaged in an interactive environment. This simply attracts casual gamers. Organizing the Sims’ time and helping them to reach their personal goal is the main objective of the game. However, the life of Sims is not that easy. They require socializing, eat, work, sleep and should have lots of fun.

The introduction to Sims games online also explains that, when you are playing this game, you require building home for your Sim family, and ensure they get a job as well as have many friends. Sims games introduction further reflects that the possibilities are endless with this game. When you feel sad you can make your Sims die in the fire or drowns in the pool. You can even dress up your Sims with different clothes and keep them up all night if you desire. After the release of the Sims, Maxis has handed out two expansion packs.

The first expansion pack is the Living Large Expansion Pack. This expansion pack consists of new career tracks, objects, and multiple neighborhoods. New non-player characters were also introduced. The second expansion pack is the House Party pack, as the name suggests it’s all about partying. This pack consists of tools and resources to throw the biggest and greatest bash your Sims have ever seen. The pack includes lots of new objects, more NPCs players, easier method to changing clothes, and new body language for the Sims. The above introduction to Sims games will be helpful for those who are new to these games.