History Of Sims Games

Sims games are one of the most popular and successful games of the 21st century. When we look into the history of Sims games, these games are just an extension or diversification of ideas that Wright had been playing with the first Sim City game in 1989. According to Sims games history, the catalyst for Sim City creator Will Wright invented the first people simulator. Having incorporated social behavioral models into Sim Ant, and created elementary Sims to populate the streets for the otherwise forgettable 1996 effort Sim Copter, crafting a game based around the actions of simulated virtual people was a logical next step.

According to the history of online Sims games, the games were first released on February 4, 2000. It was developed by Maxis & published by Electronic Arts. Will Wright created the Sims games and he is known for developing SimCity. The game is basically the day to day activities of virtual individuals or Sims in a suburban household near SimCity. When we look into the history of Sims games, we came to know that by 22 March 2000; around six million copies had been sold worldwide making it one of the best selling computer games in the history.

In the history of Sims games online, after the initial released of the seven expansion and sequels, the Sims 2 and Sims 3 have also been released. Some free objects were made available from the Sims website; the bulk of the game's evolution came into being in commercial expansions. Seven such themed releases emerged onto the shelves between 2000 and 2003. This introduces or reinvents some element of Sims life along with a pack of related objects, items and costumes.

The history of Sims games further reveals that, Maxis have also put out two expansion packs. The first expansion pack is the Living Large Expansion Pack. This expansion pack consists of new career tracks, objects, and multiple neighborhoods. New non-player characters were also introduced. The second expansion pack is the House Party pack, as the name suggests it’s all about partying. This pack consists of tools and resources to throw the biggest and greatest bash your Sims have ever seen. The pack consists of many new objects, more NPCs players, easier method to changing clothes, and new body language for the Sims.